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七月九日- 團契大旅行 (Cates Park, North Vancouver)

我們約瑟團將於七月九日(星期日)舉行團契大旅行, 地點是北溫的Cates Park,

• 時間: 下午四時至八時
• 費用: $5 (三歲或以下免費)
• 食物: 三文治、熱狗、漢堡包、BBQ 、沙律、水果等
• 飲品自備
• 報名截止日期: 五月十九日 (聚餐當晚)
• 請向你們組長報名交錢

Aug 20 (Saturday) Outing – Hiking @ Cleveland Park North Vancouver

Date and Time: Aug 20 (Saturday) 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

       10:00 am: Gathering at Cleveland Park Picnic Area                                                                        10:30 am: Start hiking                                                                                                                         12:30 pm: Finish hiking / Lunch at Cleveland Park Picnic Area                                                   3:00 pm: End or hiking part 2 (to Park Royal)

Fee: $5 per person (3 years old & under free) for lunch

Registration Deadline: June 19 (Sunday)

Pay money to your Cell Group Leader

Here is the website of the trail we are going on Aug 20 :

This event is welcome to everyone including your neighbours, friends, relatives, etc